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190 Euro is sick

Not sure where to start. Last week I pulled the spark plugs for a pre summer check and to remove any deposits. The plug showed no sign of oil deposits or any other problems. When the engine temp rises above 85C in summertime I got an occasional puff of blue\white smoke when idling at a traffice light, but has never used a drop of oil. Car has always had a small tranny leak(visable but not enough to account for the ATF usage) but since the tranny was operating fine I just continued to fill it up when it was low. Car has been using a large amount of ATF(at least a quart a week per 700 miles of driving) Last week the real crank oil seal started leaking, so I took it to a shop(here in Kuwait) and they replaced the seals on both the tranny and crank. Have no visable oil or ATF leakage now. The day after I picked up the car, I made a 30 mile trip to the golfcouse in the early am and was pleased with the results of the work, except that the trans was lagging on the 3rd to 4th shift under normal acceleration. Shifts fine under harder acceleration. The last couple of days have noticed large puffs of blueish/white when I take off after sitting for at a traffic light for longer than a minute or 2. The car also has started to have vapor lock symptoms, when taking off after the car has been parked for less than 2 hours, car does not die but will barely move unless the accelerator is almost floored and then the car drives normal until the next light.. I pulled spark plug and number 2 cylinder had fresh wet oil(did not feel or look 100 percent like pure oil on it and number 1 clyinder had a little of the oily substance on it. Have did a search on shop forum and am looking into some of the suggestions. The odd thing is that the car runs like a new car in the early am and when the ambient temp is low. Went to diner this evening(less than 2 hours after the trip home from work) and the car would barely power itself unless you floored the accelerator.
1987 190 Euro
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