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leaking coolant from trans?

This may be a stretch, but I have a 1995 SL500 and I was leaking a "slimy green" fluid that looked like congealed antifreeze and it was being discharged from a hose that extended down from the floor pan above the center of my transmission (in the trans/drive shaft tunnel). This hose enters into the compartment that houses the heater core and the air conditioner evaporator on my vehicle. Not sure how yours is set up. I found that my heater core was leaking and the discharge dripped down over the transmission onto the floor. I ran block sealant into the heater core I( I had disconnected the hoses from the block and ran the mixture directly into the heater core) and so far it hasn't dripped anymore. The alternative according to the dealer, is a faulty evaporator and the "green slime" was likely a dye that was placed into the system by the prior owner of this car. Hope this helps. Steve
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