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W123 Cam Timing Help!!

Just purchased another w123 300D. The car was not running as the owner had started a cam chain replacement, dropped the chain, and gave up. Well, to make a long story short, I bought the car and fished the cam chain out (amazingly it was still around all of the sprokets). So here goes, the timing marks on the cam tower and sprocket line up with the balancer, but it doesn't seem like they do on every rotation??? Could this be true, or am I missing something? I just rotated it, hit dead on zero on the balancer. Rotated it again, way off advanced, rotated again, way off retarded. Am I missing something here? This is my first time playing around with this, so any help would be appreciated. The car "seems" to turn over okay with no noticbale binding. How do I get this thing back so I can fire 'er up?


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