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I used a set of Akebono ceramics on my '87 300D. They were dangerous in city driving! The stopping power cold is poor, and unless you warm them up they simply do not stop well. I can't give you data on stopping distance because I never took any but they were lousy compared to my OTHER '87 with meager little PBR Deluxe pads, which are not bad at all in terms of initial friction, fading and dust.
Then, thanks to gsxr, I upgraded one car to 500E calipers with 300mm x 28mm rotors front and 278mm x 24mm rear.
At the same time I installed a set of Porterfield RS-4 Carbon/Kevlar pads. I can't begin to tell you how great they are! The friction material is excellent, hot or cold! RS4's give me the feel I always wanted with capability to stop fast if necessary and not fade or put out a stink on mountain roads (even though I downshift, I find hard braking sometimes necessary if you have a bimmer on your tail and you don't want him to pass )
I recommend forgetting Akebono Ceramics in favor of RS-4 or, if you are inclined to running on a track, Porterfield makes racing pads.
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