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The fellow I bough the car from was raised by a father that had his own machine shop, and he now lives here in the US and is a Machinist too. His priorities on his cars are the mechanics of them, how well they run and perform, he cared little for the body and it shows it. All of his cars, 2 other MB's and a Ford AeroStar all ran like a swiss watch. He said he was very particular to how his cars ran. The suspensions had to be like that of a race car. He Raced a few years professionally in S. Argentina. So, maybe part of his knowledge went into this car. To date, it has no leaks! You can run it wide open for 3 hours and park it on clean cment and not one drop on the cement!
I don't know how many readers remember in the 50's and 60's when Ford, GM and Chrysler (all of them did it), they'd take out several cars, the highest speed a car got or the highest horsepower found, all cars then had it. Th spec sheets reflected this. Then in 1976 everything changed to a net horsepower a rated averaged out hp.
My dad had a rare Ford Torino, one of only 500 made and his was by far the fastest, just an oddball car. Of course Ford wanted to by it back.
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