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Well, All I remember are Akebono ceramics and some claim was made of less visible brake dust.
They were broken in properly. I drove with them for at least a year before I went with the Porterfields. They may have been pro models, I couldn't find the sales info even if I wanted to. Very hard materials. Perhaps they do make something better, and I'm not trying to claim all ceramic pads are like that because I've used another brand of ceramic pads that were OK, its just I had a bad experience with one particular set of Akebonos and that was enough for me.
FWIW, I found some ATE asbestos pads on eBay about 5 years ago, someone had old stock of only one pkg so I bought it and they are great! no fade and no smell on the downhill grade of the infamous Grapevine coming out of So Cal. I use that as the acid test for all brakes. Oh, before someone starts a flame, note that I do my own brake work and I NEVER use compressed air when working on brakes! I was taught that anyone who blows out brake dust is banned from the shop.
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