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OK, you guys got me wondering. So I went looking at what Akebonos are on the market and I'm sure that what I had were the Pro ceramics.
Here's what a review on the Tire Rack said about them:
"I changed from a stock pad to these hoping for more stopping power and less dust. What I got was a-lot less stopping power and a little bit less dust. When I first opened up the package what I noticed was the pads had a large amount of chamfered (tapered) material taken off each end of the pad----a-lot more than I have seen on other pads. With so much material gone it effectively reduces the percentage of pad surface area by at least a third. These pads are not good stoppers to the point of feeling unsafe even at moderate speed. The dust level is only a little better than stock. I have used Raybestos Quiet Stop ceramic pads on other cars with good success but they were not available for the front of my BMW. I do not reccoment (sic) these pads."
Oh well. Maybe it was a bad batch?

I can say that the chamfer he mentions is to prevent squealing, the Akebonos seem pretty extreme on the angle. I wouldn't have made them that way if I were the designer. Anybody seen that on the Akes you are using?
I will file the edges on the pads to a small chamfer if I run into pads that squeal (after break in!) - certain cars seem to squeal esp early Mercedes with a single piston caliper when tha car is braked in reverse (backing).
This can be reduced or eliminated by filing off a small amount on the leading and trailing edges of the friction material. And use a lot of brake grease on the side that slides in the caliper.
I never had any squealing with the Akebonos, actually the rears on Porterfields squealed until they were fully broken in, I think one of the pistons on the new set of calipers was angled slightly. It gradually went away until I think I hear it only once in a while when the brakes are really hot. That's a whole other story though. Its the initial bite that the ceramic Pros lacked until they got nice and hot.
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