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Yup, there's plenty of documentation on it online. For me the hardest part was pulling out the seal holding in the B2 bushing. I destroyed the #@&^ thing, had to order another one through MB while my car was on jackstands. You'll need the B2 piston, nylon B2 bushing, and the B2 bushing seal just to be safe. Bushing & seal were under $10. I'll try and get part numbers for you if my webmaill server decides to work one of these days .

I also hear it is easier to remove the valve body and tap out the old bushing, I just yanked it out through the B2 opening. Getting the circular clip off wasn't too bad - the trick is to wedge something in between the trans tunnel and B2 cover, insert a flathead screwdriver at about 5 o'clock and pop it out. It was moderately harder to get back in while depressing the cover. Overall an easy job, just messy and easy to contaminate with dirt.

Oh hey this thread was 3 years old....whoops. Oh well. I'd definitely take it out to make sure. It's really not that hard--good time to make sure you've got the nylon bushing too.
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