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FYI, my car now has 57k "low miles". it only had 52k when i got it last fall. i even found out after i had the head gasket and harness done at my expense that the head gasket had been seeping since 14K miles (from paperwork i found in the car). the wiring harness problems were triggered by the head gasket job and had not reared its ugly head before. none of this seemed to sway the service manager's thinking even though i told them that i intended to have my car serviced there (FWIW it was Ray Catena's of NJ). it sucks that you have to go through all of this when it is clearly a known problem. one of these days i will print out everything that has been posted about these issues and send it in to Mercedes along with my old wiring harness (wonder what the postage will come up to)...
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