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many thanks for 190e help

Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone for helping with my 190e. This is a great place with great people.

Unfortunately, my 190e is still not well. I have solved all my mechanical problems (I think). I have 152 PSI in all 4 cylinders, new injector seals, new camshaft, valve guides, just a whole lot of new parts, etc. Car will not idle smoothly or below 1500 and stalls as soon as I put it in D ot R. If I come to a stop sign it stalls. Pings on acceleration. I cannot hear any vacuum leaks, but suspect that it is a combination of that and bad timing. I am about to do the unthinkable.. send it to a MB mechanic. I am SO damned frustrated with the car. I have a lot of mechanical experience (rebuilt my 72 911 RS myself) but this car really eludes me. Does anyone have any last ditch suggestions before I flatbed the thing to a garage? I guess I could be classified as desperate.
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