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'89 190E stalls intermittenly

I have an '89 190E w/131,000 miles that stalls intermittenly. It'll run great for a couple days or weeks then stalls in the middle of driving down the road. Took it to my mechanic to drive, left it two weeks, he drove it and it never stalled one time for him. I get it back, drive it for a week or two then, boom, it stalls. It takes 3-4 tries to re-start when it stalls. Mechanic obviously couldn't find what's wrong since it didn't stall with him and doesn't give warning before it stalls, no rough idle, jerking, sputtering, etc. We're going to sell the stupid thing if we can't find SOMEONE that can give us a clue as to what's wrong!! Love the car but can't depend on it in Atlanta traffic.
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