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Chris Ecklund
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Somewhere years ago I read a very indepth article on oil filters, where some lab tested all the ones on the market, I am sure that with enough looking around, somewhere on the net you can find it.

When I did my first oil change last week, ( I bought a case of oil filters from the dealer, OEM) I noticed that when the filter paper was rolled over and glued to gether, that there was excess wax or glue in the final pleat. I just removed this with my finger and a small screwdriver. Not that it might do any harm, but you never know, I would not want something like that flowing around my engine. However, it also could melt with the first heat up of the new oil. But if that was true, the whole filter would come apart wouldn't it.?

I checked all the filters, they bwhere all like that.

A defect?, I dont think so, but maybe a small (underline small) finger can be pointed at quality control

Chris Ecklund
98 300 DT