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Question AC Hose Problems 190E 2.3 - Need Advice

So, I went to the AC shop this morning, hoping for a quick recharge of R-12 to get me on the road again. Turns out the suction hose (low end side), the one that is covered in foam shielding, has literally blown a hole in it. The hole is on the underside, and I havent had time to cut off the shielding, get a mirror and look. So, a new hose (even from Parts Shop) is $375. This shop would order one for me, install it, dry out the system, and recharge for oh, not more than $1300. $1300!!!
So, here is my question: The mechanic I spoke with this morning also advised trying to put a splice in the hose...after we cut away the foam rubber...and then trying to get a charge on the system. Don't forget...the system has still yet to take a charge, and thus I dont know the status of the compressor.
Do I try the splice? If it charge, including drying of the system and recharge is gonna be $500. If it doesnt work...I am out $65 in labor for the splice...and I know that I have a trashed compressor.
I am going to be replacing this car in 15 months...but man, is it gonna be a hot summer.

Also, do I need to have them dry the system? I know it has gotten tons of moisture...but must this be done before I even find out if the compressor is good? or is that just something they will do if they determine the compressor is good...and are getting ready to re-lube and re-charge the whole system.

Any advice?

- Thanks in advance,

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