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Look in the yellow pages for a shop that builds/rebuilds hydraulic hoses. I've had several done that way. You just take in the old line with fittings still attached and they put new a/c hose on the fittings. Cheap and usually fast. (while you wait sometimes!) Buy a bunch of the new o-rings that work on R12 and R134A. Take some of the old ones with you for size. While you are in there, is it time to convert to R134A? PIA, but a whole lot cheaper and more available than R12. BTW, if that system has been open for any time at all, you might want to replace the receiver/dryer. I'm about to replace the compressor on my wife's '86 190E so I feel your pain. Price for used compressor and local yard is $250 +core. New rec./dry. and TXV will be another $100+. I'll be doing the work myself so I save a lot, but still a bunch of $$$$. However, the cost of a wife sitting in traffic on a hot day with no a/c is beyond measure.
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