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I've read info about just such devices, and haven't read a good thing about them.

The problem is intensity. You're trying to overcome a beam that is highly focused with one that is not. C&D tried a few years ago to buy/make one, and was unsuccessful. Physics were against them. The only thing that seemed to work at all was HUGE (like 12") driving lights with IR-let filters. But even with that, the LIDAR was able to get a lock.

They found the best defense is a stealthy car, with little frontal area and hidden headlamps. Your E500 is NOT in that category.

Also, many jurisdictions are passing laws against LIDAR jamming (equipment designed to do so...) and the LIDAR unit clearly shows when it is jammed.

I've been driving for the last 10 years with no detector, and no tickets. Pick your "speed zones" carefully, and timing is everything. And no, I don't drive slowly.
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