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Why I own a radar detector and a E500.

First off I would like to say that my mother used to race cars A 1955 Mercedes Gullwing, she met my step father who was coming to see her 300SL Gullwing to add to his collection of 2 other SL's along with several really old Mercedes and Bugattis.

Secondly I am nothing like my parents. Mom being a stock broker, my Dad being a Doctor. My mom rarely going under 100mph in the 1960's and 70's (we would pass over 500 cars on a drive to the Hamptons from NYC). Where did this behavior come from? Well she was rasied in Holland (then the Police drove Porsches). And she was Asian. I still have some of her racing trophies.

I'm half Asian and I'm not going to admit to a stereotype but I will say that several of my Asian Aunts have decided to give up their licenses and stop driving because they do not feel competant enough to drive with today's traffic. Rather than bad mouth Asian drivers I'm just happy that they are responsible enough to not drive as they don't feel they can.

My mother never got in ANY accidents....strangely enough she never got a single ticket- she was pulled over a few times but being extremely beautiful with a ridiculous figure (38dd, 22, 32) she always was excused from the ticket. I remember hearing Police officers asking her for her telephone number WHILE I WAS IN THE CAR! I was about 8 yrs old.

But her driving even got me nervous.

I race for a living.... but not cars. Skateboards. There is some slower footage of me racing at I'm the one interviewed on the promo video- slow course- slow start. I go a lot faster than that. Up to 40mph through gates 7 foot on center. but you can get the idea (BTW the Mercedes emblem on the board is because the trucks were made by a Mercedes Parts manufacturer).

I also race snowboards- hit about 88 mph on those. I'm sure some of you have gone faster than this. I've done 220kpm (137mph) with my Uncle driving his Ferrari in Brazil - sketchy. And 88mph on a snowboard is a lot more scary/thrilling and a heck of a lot safer-I was in a speed skiing area. I've done about 60mph on a skateboard- closed roads + leathers helmet etc.

So that being said I get my thrills from fast sports- but not driving. I've done 120mph on an open empty road to see what my money bought me, but that isn't why I bought the car.

So why did I buy a Valentine One? Because when ever I drive without a Radar detector and I am doing about 10mph over the limit I get stopped. How? I don't know... it is always at the end of the month. My radar detector is on all the time....even if I am in standstill traffic- because the instant I turn the damn thing off...I get stopped.

I'm going to go set up a skateboard race course . In the area where I want to park I have to make a U-turn in a designated u-turn area. The safest way to do this is to Haul ass in front of the other cars (the traffic never ends in Mass) as soon as the light changes- get a good gap -Slow down and make the U-turn before approaching traffic even arrives in the other lane. I've done it for years.

So I take down my radar detector and ...get stopped. 45mph in a 35mph. (Mind you this is not a residential area) it is next to a gated park with no entrances on my side. I explain what I was doing to the officer and he gives me a warning and understands.

BUT I would rather not get stopped and be stressed out over whether or not I would get ticketed.

I also go to Cape Cod in the summer. The drive down is a quick on in the early morning as everyone is trying to beat the traffic on this two lane road. Traffic typically moves allong at 80+ in the morning hours. Slow down and you'll be a major hazard to people weaving around you. I drove the speed limit in my old Subaru Brat (junk but I loved it) and I was *****ed at by a police officer who said I was impedeing traffic. Later I traveled with the flow of traffic and got ticketed with about 6 other cars that landed in a speed trap.

The Valentine One has allowed me to drive without hassle.

I like it because it gives you more warning than other detectors so that Police set the traps to catch people with regular detectors- but I still have adequate warning of where they are.

I was going to Cape Cod and was in a group of 8 cars all doing 80mph. The detector starts going beserk. So I slowed down. ALL of the other cars were pulled over with LIDAR.

I drove on without a ticket or warning. If I had been driving at the speed of the cars around me I would have been ticketed. If I had been driving 55mph. I still might have gotten pulled over. There is no logic to the Barnstable Police Dept. Thank you Valentine one.

But what if I had been the lead car? I would have been tagged before I could have gotten warning. That is why I want to get one of the Blinder jammer things. I am not a speeder by choice, but by circumstance. I leave lots of time to get to my destinations- so I almost never have to rush.

I had an 1993 300E 2.8. Wonderful car. Well balanced, super clean, women liked it, I loved it. But... the seats were not as firm as I would have liked, they weren't leather, the car was about to depreciate rapidly over 85,000 miles, the car needed more guts to merge onto 128 (the only highway I have ever been on where the posted speed is 55 but everyone does 85+ during rush hour).

So I bought the E500. Plenty of power, great fact one of the cheapest cars to own and drive- near depreciation proof after the first owner, great seats, memory seating, loaded to the gills, big block m119 proven engine with longevity and relieablity, and what I consider to be the best built and sized car ever made.
Handbuilt by Porsche- I also think it is the best car Porsche ever made.

The E400 was plenty fast for me, but I liked the shift points and balance of the E500 much more- the fender flares wider stance were all just gravy. But the lasting value made the E500 a no brainer.

So what happens to my first E500? A 21 year old speeding fool in his mom's BMW M3 takes me out in Harvard Square (collece area - Harvard). Idiot must have been doing 60 mph at 1:30 with his idiot pal. He hits my car and sends me flying sideways into a parked car. Totaled my car- dmaged the front bumper on his. I was doing 25mph.

The moral. Don't drive where idiots are likely to be.... you might meet one. I love California's weather, and as a pro racer I should be living there- but the highways there have these psycho weaving kids in slammed down pacific imports. Some...though not all, have no idea or concern for the consquences of their actions.

I have a friend. He drives fast. He is one of the most skilled drivers I know. He's been in a bunch of accidents -all of them "he was not at fault". His statement was always like this..... I was passing this person and they didn't see me, I was merging and they didn't see me." etc.... Well he is expecting that the other people on the road are as alert as he is. Fact is it could be some Doctor in a BMW who just got off a double shift...looks perfectly aware and alert from a distance. And he pulls over while my friend is whizzing by and wham! To him other driers on the raod are always "not paying attention and in the way".

If you drive with people ,drive with them- not against them. Best of all try to drive with no one around. So don't try to blast through that pack of cars up ahead if you have a comfortable safety zone around you. And have a comfortable clean ride so traffic doesn't frustrate you to speed.

If you get a Valentine One or Blinder don't get them with the express purpose to think....."Oh boy now I can speed all day!". get them to drive responsibly and know when there is a speed trap ahead so you are prepared for someone to slam on their brakes in front of you when they see a cop.

If you want to speed a lot....go to a track, wear a helmet and learn to drive like a pro from a pro. You'll have a lot more fun and improve your overall driving skills in a safe environment. If you want to race someone- do it at a track. The "Fast and Furious" street racing stuff- wanna play in the streets?- go to you'll never kill anyone that way. In the short run it's a lot cheaper at the track. In the long run it's gotta be more expensive since racing tends to be addictive.
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