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Robert Nelson
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Gillybenztech Rocks

Gillybenztech was spot-on with the CTP Switch call. Seems to have been the culprit in other threads as well. Found by ohm meter test of pedal switch. S29/3 reading was 90k instead of .9-1.1. 30 miles so far without a problem. Will hold my breath for a week or so, and update, hopefully with some great 80 degree, sunshine, top- down driving experiences over this coming weekend. This forum is great. Copied all the posts related to ASR I could find to my dealer's service advisor, and I think it helped. By the way, instead of a bill for $5600 worth of dual throttle actuators, I left the dealer this morning driving my car after paying what I thought was a very fair bill. I am not sure if I should name the dealer on line, but Bryan, the S/A, and Don, who solved the problem, have my appreciation. If anyone with this problem can "limp-home" to Stockton, I know where I would suggest they go now to have the problem fixed.
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