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Few quick notes here:

Have never been hit by laser that I know of. We bought the latest iteration of the Valentine One for the cross-country drive in the 500E, and it alerted on lidar precisely once, at a time when we had a big reflective truck about 150m in front of us in bright sunlight. Probably falsing on a polarized sun bounce.

The V1 did save us repeatedly from good old radar. Even Ka-band can be a tough opponent in the hands of an officer who knows how to use it stealthily (instant-on, past a hilltop or curve).

Laser jamming is illegal by statute in California, as of about two years ago.

So far as the slow-down-and-live argument goes:

Safe speed is a complex matrix of driver temperament, driver ability, vehicle competence, weather, road surface, traffic, available light, and a dozen other factors. Sometimes legal speed = safe speed. And I don't object to police enforcing hard in those circumstances. Nor do I object to them busting people who think that public streets and highways are racetracks.

But I find that there really are cases where legal speed < safe speed, and many of us rather resent being picked off to augment Officer Friendly's departmental budget (as well as to augment the budget of various loony gooberment schemes elsewhere -- a lot of police agencies have to pass along a large share of their vig from ticket writing to other accounts).

If more money is required for legitimate police purposes (such as, in my opinion, apprehending drunks behind the wheel), that's fine, I'll be happy to throw in more cash in generically apportioned taxes to cover that base. But much of traffic enforcement exists simply to fund itself. And it's certainly not doing much to improve driver safety (see my recent post in a wiring-harnesses thread).

Can't recall the last time that I saw a car being pulled over for following another at an unsafely close distance. Nor the last time that I saw a pullover for someone obstructing the passing lane.

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