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other laser jammers/////////

While I myself am not a huge speeder- I have sped in the past- speed with the flow of traffic and do at times speed when there is no one else on the road. I try to use good judgement that would reduce any chance for accidents/impact with animals etc.

I think it is far safer to travel on an empty road at 100 mph in a Mercedes E500/500E than go 75 mph in Yugo.

I do think Police take into account the type of car when they see a speeding motorist. Given the choice between pulling me over 38yrs old grey hair and a 19 yr old in a 1982 Souped up Mustang- they go for the Mustang EVERYTIME.

And they should. Statisically speaking it is frightening to see that percentage of drivers ages 16-19 that are in a major accident (not minor) before the age of 20.

But when there isn't a Mustang/ImpalaSS/Camaro/souped up honda/graphics covered ford focus/ on the road with me I would like some protection from Police Laser guns.

There has got to be a better solution than the k 40. The K 40 according to that review reduces the range- but is targetable up to 750 feet. Isn't there anything that outright blocks it all?

Has anyone read a real test on the Blinder Unit which has two transmitters?
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