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Re: other laser jammers/////////

Originally posted by ERASE
I think it is far safer to travel on an empty road at 100 mph in a Mercedes E500/500E than go 75 mph in Yugo.
It's safer to drive 100mph in a 240D than 75mph in a Yugo.

I find that a Mercedes is not much of a heat-score. Drive a Porsche 911 Turbo! I spent half my time with my hands on the hood. However, not one ticket.

Choose your weapon, choose your road. We in Canada are fortunate that our highways are pretty good, traffic lighter, and enforcement lighter too.

One exception is Edmonton. Within the city, they write 260,000 speeding tickets annually. Compared to Ottawa, Vancouver or other 1 Million population centers, we write the most. Other Canadian cities write about 15-20,000. Just a fraction of what our draconian police write.

Some days it's frustrating to see squids careening in an out of traffic, tailgating and road raging all over, but no ticket. No one seems to ever be stopped for those infractions, but drive 16 km/h over the limit, and a nice surprise is coming in the mail.

Our city has become addicted to the revenue from speeding tickets, and enforcement of other offences seems rare.

Our police use the latest stuff. They were among the first anywhere to use LIDAR. They use photo-radar like crazy. In the 'burbs, our RCMP ignore school-zone speeders, and pick off people ont he freeway. And they've started up with photo-radar, and very little "other" offense enforcement.

Hey, we've got great cops. Overall they do a terrific job. But, I hate to see "speeding" claimed as the #1 reason for deaths on our roads. Well, those cities that write 10% of our ticket volume have the same fatality rates...
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