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Brakes & Rotors 'scam' on our S430

Our Benz S430 went in for a service yesterday. Apart from the fact that the sunshade is going down on it's own, the rear lights won't go off and the fuel gauge hasn't worked since we got it back, the service department in the dealership told us that the front brake rotors and the front and rear pads need to be replaced.

The car is leased. I read on another (separate make) forum that this is a common item that dealers use to pad the service bill, as it's not covered under warranty. All this after just 21,000 miles on a car that does mostly highway miles. On top of that, I got a brake inspection done by a local tire/wheel shop afterwards who told that me the rear pads were only 35% used. They weren't able to tell from the fronts as it's supposedly a very complex system and they were prepared to take it apart. I trust these guys and have been dealing with them for 12 years.

Does anyone agree that they're screwing us, or is it possible that these parts need to be changed? The car is not driven hard at all.
Also, the brake sensor light has not come on and the rotors look fine.

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