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190e Still not running

My 85 190e 2.3 is still not running. I seem to have a number of issues to resolve. The car will start when it is cold, but it does not start easily. It does run ok, but is idling at 1500 - 2000. I know the timing is a little advanced.. but if I retard the timing, I can only get the idle down to 1100- 1200 and it is rough. When I put it in D or R the car either stalls, or the idle will drop to 500-600 and idle very nice. I sense a vaccuum leak but I am not sure. That is part one.

If I shut the car off.. say after 5 minutes.. I cannot get it started again. It is as if the battery has no strength and is dieing or the starter does not have enough torque to turn over the motor.. I put a BRAND NEW battery in it and still have these results. I also tried starting it with a 200 AMP jump start booster.. with the same slow turn over rate and no luck starting. Seems like some part of my starting system is heat sensative.

Now let me bring everyone up to date on what I HAVE done. I have rebuilt the head completely, including valves ,new camshaft, and new injector seals. I have 150 - 152 psi compression in every cylinder. I have done the jump pin 87 and 30 trick to see if the OVP was the problem. Car runs only marginally better with that jumped. I have tried fuel additive.. no change.

SO.. I am perplexed. I cannot get the car to a MB mechanic for 2 weeks. I figured I would try to get some help here in the meantime. Any ideas of what to look for or where to look? Do I dissassemble the fuel injection system peice by peice, clean it and re-assemble everything to ensure proper vaccuum? Or is there some other magical cure all? Any and all help will be very much appreciated.
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