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So Cal GTG for June 2009

I have the date & place for the next GTG & Drive. It is set for June 20 from 8:00- 10:00 AM at Penske Mercedes Benz in West Covina at the Azusa exit off Interstate 10. We will meet & greet in the parking lot starting at 8:00 and will be leaving there promptly at 10:00. From there we will drive to Riley's at Los Rios Rancho in apple country If you can't make it to Penske by 10:00, there will be two places along the way to give a chance for the stragglers to catch up. #1- We will exit the 10 fwy at Etewanda (just past the 15 going East) and travel along side the freeway on the frontage road. If you are waiting there, fall in and continue on with us. We will then get back on the freeway and continue on. #2- We will stop along Oak Glen Rd. across from Yucaipa Regional Park (approx address 34716). We will wait there until all drivers have arrived, and continue on to Riley's. This is a very beautiful area, and should be a fun drive. This will be open to ALL Mercedes Benz Automobiles- New, Classic, Diesel, Gasers, any car with a "Three Pointed Star".

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