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Sicangu Oyate
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I find this forum definitely a place where more than one individual seems to speak from a pulpit and cast judgement to those of us who seem to be more in touch and less ashamed of our propensity to be wild from time to time. Heck, a Benz is a driving machine with the capacity to perform above and beyond the "limits" communities have decided are best. Then you have law enforcement to intervene, which is as it should be. Philosophically, the "system" may be flawed, but it serves most.

I sincerely appreciate John Schellenburg's (blackmercedes) post with the (5) common sense tips about speeding. These are things I will take to heart. It is also definietly mournful to lose loved ones to a car accident, and this I also respect.

I do my hefty speeding (100 mph +) on the isolated western roads and interstates. And the difference in time between 105mph and 65mph becomes noticeable on a 20 hour jaunt. If and when traffic is heavier, when I find myself desperate to weave, I ignore the urge and slow down. And those creatures who's land we have paved have no clue what or why we are there, and they should be considered, too.

Ironically, the tickets I have accumulated were in strategically located "out-of-towner" speed traps that see the speed limit drop from 65mph to 30mph in the blink of an eye. You can't convince me that these are about safety instead of revenue enhancement. And there are also towns and cities that profile drivers bearing the "badge" of ethnicity. In these instances, the ones "in the pulpit" are simply abusive.

Understanding the machine and the environment in which it is performing is the key, as John mentioned. And personal safety, which involves getting to know the machine's capacity in controlled environments is a spectacular idea.
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