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Interesting. My S430 front pads were replaced at about 34K miles when the warning display came up on the dash. Contrary to most advice, the ind mechanic cut the rotors. So far so good. The ind. mechanic told me the rear pads were close to needing to be replaced and the warning just came on again at 36K miles. I assume the rear pads will need to be replaced.

I had read that the rear should last twice as long as the front but that does not seem to be the case on my car.

My servicing dealer who had the car a few weeks ago after the front brakes were done for a "B" service didn't even mention that the pads were getting low. BTW what did the dealer charge for the brake service?

I wonder what the issue is with the fuel gauge. Mine has been swapped out 2 or 3 times including at the last service visit.

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