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I was concerned about squeal and dust when I got the pads changed on my C280. I posted a question for some recommendations and finalized on Rotex pads as they were noted to last a long time and have about 25% of the OEM dust. AW, I took it in for the change and they said that the rotors werenít too bad but, it wouldnít hurt to change them and it wouldnít hurt to keep them on. I asked what the ramifications were to not changing them and the Mech said the brakes could squeal...long story short...I didnít have them change the rotors, just the pads and I havenít had a real problem. The only squeal I get is if itís a rainy day and I drive somewhere and then let the car sit, the next time I use the brakes they squeal when backing out or the first stop you come doesnít happen after the first time. On the good side is I notice almost no dust from them, I used to clean the wheels at least every other day because...well because I'm excessive about a clean car...but now I just clean them when I wash my car, and they really donít show any signs of brake dust when I do that. I'm happy with them. You might try something other then OEM.

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