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Some stupid woman hit my 300E one day on the highway. Damage was 550 but I got 1200 for the car and 3400 for medical from the insurance. You should go to the doctor immediately. Based on the frame damage your car received you also might have received some "frame" damage. Also, call her Insurance and tell them to give you a rental car right now not tomorow, now. And make sure you make a big fuss so the insurance officer will be forced to get you a rental car. It is amazing how these W124 handle in an accident. If you get a dent the other guy gets totalled. I would like to know how a W140 handles in an accident must be like a Merkava Tank. (Went to Israel this Winter, I sat on the turet of one of those tanks at the Latrune museum.) The engines in those tanks are V18 Twin Turbo Diesel
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