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Angry 94 E320 Horror's

I just had my car checked for a hard starting problem that I've had for a long time at the local MBZ Dlr(Mercedes of Long Beach) They called to inform me that the problem was the fuel pressure regulator. I said go ahead and replace it. When I got to the dealer to pick-up the car it started right up. Then I noticed that the check engine light is still on??? I went back to the dealer and told them. They said they did not run any codes and that they were only checking the hard starting problem. I asked them to check it out while I waited.

When the mechanic came back to service advisor all they could tell me is that it could be the egr, accuator, and the transmission shift delay switch. All of which are extremely expensive items. I told them to narrow it down and give me the news. Still waiting for that.

I have read through hundreds of posts in this group and all the E320 problems are mostly in this same category. Mind you I have already experienced the OVP and wiring harness problems and replaced them among a host of other things. At the moment I want to drive the car off a cliff since that seems the only way to dispose of it without taking it in the shorts. I have never had more problems with a car than this one, mercedes should be ashamed to put there name on these cars. Is it just me or is there any hope of getting out of this nightmare with my wallet, credit cards, and bank account in tact???

BTW, sorry for the rant. Just very frustrated and in need of advice.
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