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Well I can't say that I haven't learned something

The latest story in the saga with my 500SEL: the tranny's gone. I guess I jinxed myself. After I fixed up all the other mechanical and emission things, I said the only thing that could go bad was the tranny.

But wait there's more. I am at fault for it though. The tranny started acting funny and not shifting gears. I didn't think too much of it till it started getting worse. I didn't even check the trans fluid level even though I was recommeded to do that by a newsgroup.

Well I guess I just grinded the trans down because there was no fluid level. Now I have to look for a used tranny. Sigh, it ALMOST makes me lose faith in old Benzes (considering that my parents had to rebuild their engine with the S350). But then I remember that one of them was mistreated and the other one had a bad engine. Oh well.

Sorry for the long rant but I needed to let this out somewhere.
1985 500SEL 124k miles
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