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Day 1- 400e Brake On 300e

Hi guys,

Received the calipers some time ago and today I am starting to upgrade my 300E with 4-piston 400E's calipers. But I have a question.

Both calipers are very dirty so I decided to soak them in diesel fuel to soften the scums a little. Then I noticed my latex gloves kind of melting after being contacting with diesel fuel for a couple of hours. I like to know if the rubber seals around the pistons are damaged for being in diesel for so long ( any latex contents in rubber seal? )

Peter Chu aka PIKACHU
08 C300 Premium Pkg, MM Pkg, Sport Pkg, Keyless Go
86 300E soon to be E36 with Euro Headlights
400E front & rear brake upgrade
16" CLK wheels with Michelin MXV4 plus Green X
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