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I am approaching decision time on buying an extended warranty for my 99 ML320 and am having a hard time making a choice.

The MBUSA warranty (8 year, 100k miles) looks appealing, but it's hard to
tell what it really covers. There is a list of items that are covered and it clearly says that everything else is NOT covered. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with all the parts of my ML320. Has anyone looked into this and formed an opinion of how comprehensive this coverage really is?

One of the advantages of the aftermarket warranties is that you don't have to go to a dealer, but where I live, that's all there is. They also say that non-OEM parts may be used. THe MBUSA warranty does require going to a dealer, but will pay to get you there in case of a breakdown due to a covered part. It also quarantees the use of OEM parts. Each warranty covers things that the other does not. For example the MBUSA warranty covers shocks and struts.

Any techs out there who have looked at this issue?