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Can't speak to extended warranties in general, but if they are anything like the Starmark warranty then run, do not walk to get one! My car a '91 300 TE 4-matic has had, frankly, way too many visits to the repair shop. I literally have collected a 2 inch thick pile of paperwork from repairs. But they (the MB dealer) have been great about the whole thing. In addition, they have covered many, strictly speaking non-warranty related items by an "internal warranty." I would fully recommend getting a MB backed warranty. To that end, my next car will most likely be a used MB with about 20K on the odo and I'll buy 5 years/50K miles of Starmark warranty with the car. That should give me about 80K miles of exceptional warranty coverage! For cost estimate, I paid about 1,200 for 3 years/36K worth of warranty.