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Euro headlamp parts

I Looking for the last part to complete my refit of a complete Euro lamp system on my 190E W201. I need to find the european headlamp bezel / panel that has the opening for the headlamp adjuster switch. Anyone know where I can get one or what the part number might be? It should be on most all german MB cars that were made to stay in germany or in europe, minus british since the panel for them is switched since they are a right hand drive car. The euro headlamp panel had an opening witha switch mounted in it right next to the knob for the headlamp selection. It fit right in that blank space all our US models have on that panel that holds the headlamp switch.
I sell the euro lamps so I have them instlled and they have the pnumatic adjusters built in to them. THE vacuum lines are run from teh bulkhead vacuum boster to the lamps and I picked up a headlamp adjuster switch from a guy on Ebay from England, but his headlamp swithc bezel is from a right hand drive car so the switch opening is setup on the wrong side of the headlamp switch. If anyone has one I will be happy to buy it, if I can get the part number off anyone that has one in there car and needs to keep it but is willing to take it out to read the part number off it it would be excellent, email me and I can make it worth your time.

ANy one who wants white face custom gauge faces for their MB from 1975 to 1995 email me!
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