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Let me try and get this back on track. There is no salesman trying to sell me anything. I am trying to decide which extended warranty to buy, MBUSA or aftermarket.

I have a copy of the MBUSA contract and several from aftermarket companies. The after market ones list what they don't cover. The MBUSA one lists what it does cover. The aftermarket one is straightforward but does not cover some things the MBUSA plan does cover, like shocks and struts. The MBUSA contract lists what it does cover. The problem is that since I do not have great familiarity with all the systems on the cars (I'm looking for coverage for an E320 and a ML320), I can't compare the two kinds of contracts. I don't know what kind of things on the cars might not be covered because I don't know all the things on the cars.

I was hoping that someone who is technically familiar with the 99 models would have looked at this and have formed an opinion of how extensive the MBUSA coverage is. It does look quite similar to the Starmark coverage.