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Dash bulbs

here is the scoop on the bulbs for your dash. They use typical 194 base bulbs. Euro w3w are OEM...they are a 3 watt bulb a 194 bulb is not much more than 3 watts if any. If you need more light due to the poor lighting at night common to so many MB pre 95 then pull your cluster enough to get at teh two illuminating bulbs at teh top and pop in two W5W bulbs...same base and size, but 5watts...little more drain but not much and lots more light. If you really want to see at night I can work you up a set of custom white face gauges. These and W5W bulbs and you will think you were driving a new AMG model with all the light you get. Plus the rheostat/ dimmer allows you to set teh light level at any level you want instead on having to put it at full all the time just to see. I have tried all colors of 194's and even tinting W5W bulbs, nothig seems to really work to get a color or more light. The best is W5W bulbs and white faces. I am still looking for a good decent Xenon 5watt 194 base bulb. It would be the best, but I do not think it exists. the 194 Xenons at the parts stores are blue/white alright but they put off less light and make it even hard to see the dash with white face gauges, Iv'e tried it.
I've even tried hi intensity LED bulbs, no luck there either, wrong type of light pattern, you get hot spots and dead spots in your lighting pattern. Use W5W and let me know if you are interested in a custom set of gauges to fix the night vision problem forever.
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