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European bumper correction

When you look at any bumper, the lines of the wheelwell blends right in where the plastic meets the metal quarter panel. However...when my euro was imported and converted, they took off both bumpers and reinforced them somehow. This cause the bumpers to be scooted up (or back for the rear) about maybe 3/4" (the front worse than the back). This looks dumb because there isn't a smooth transition between the bumper and the metal. guys are gonna think I'm nuts, but I'm a perfectionist with my car and I want to scoot my bumpers back where they were originally.

My questions.....Is it a difficult process to take off a bumper? Just bolt off, bolt on...or is this some tricky involved process? And...any idea what they did to it and what I am going to have to modify in order to get them to go back in their original positions? Thanks for any help.
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