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Yeah, me too.

I'm at 136,000 miles, and I've put a lot of money into the car already. It runs and looks perfectly, and I can't see myself selling it.

I'm preparing myself for two, maybe three big jobs in the future, and I'm just gonna have to do them eventually:
1. My head gasket leaks oil terribly bad. I'm going to put it off through the summer, but maybe by September, I'll pull the head off, do the head gasket, valve guides and seals, and grind the valves if necessary. Cost: $2,000.
2. Transmission - it shifts fine, but goes into reverse real slowly. It may last a bit longer, even much longer, but I can't imagine it lasting longer than the 200,000 mile mark. When it goes out, I'm just gonna have it rebuilt. Cost: $2,000.
3. A/C - I have R134a, and it blows ice cold. In fact, it's the coldest a/c I've had in any car. I just know that these systems are prone to failure, particularly evaporator leaks. And I know that eventually it'll go out. Whatever it costs, I'll have to fix it. I live in Southern California. Cost: $2,000 - $4,500 depending on if I just replace the evaporator or the whole system.

See? I've got at least $6,000 in repairs I'm already preparing for, and that's not counting anything else that will go out, likes brakes, batteries, etc.

It's just part of car ownership...
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