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Cruise Control Actuator

I tested my cruise control actuator today by putting 12V on pins 4 and 5 to check the motor and 12V on pins 6 and 7 to test the selenoid. The selenoid is fine. I think the motor is dying. It doesn't sound like it's running smooth. And when I put 12V on the motor AND selenoid the arm didn't move at all. It just made a clicking sound and the arm jerked a little. (I have no throttle to actuator linkage so I wasn't giving the engine any throttle) I have yet to test the amplifier yet, I am going to get around to doing that hopefully this weekend.

Should the actuator arm should have moved when I applied voltage to the selenoid and the motor? I tried moving the arm all the way to the other side just to make sure I wasn't making it try to move it as far as it could go.

If the amp checks out OK should I get a new actuator and linkage piece?

Since I've owned this car the CC has never worked.
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