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3 problems with my E420, need tech advice.

I have had these 3 problems for a while.

1. Rear end clunk, this happens when I am going slow and then acclerate. Such as going to a red light and then it turns green, and you start to acclerate again. I happens at low speeds, under 20 mph.
I talked to a tech and he said it could be the diff mounts, but it does not realy act like that, the car revs up, and then all of a suden the power is applied and that is when the clunk happens, it dose not seem that bad right now, howerver some times it fells like some one just hit the back of my car with a bat.
I know it is not the flex disc because it is fine.

2. A whineing noise comming from the rear end, a tech told me that it is my wheel barings, so I will replace those soon. Do I need a special tool to replace them??

3. I am prity sure my throttle acuator is going bad. I do not have the loss of Cruze control, but my throttle acts wierd. When the motor is hot (100) the car somtimes stalls. Before it stalls it will rev up to 2K and go down to nearly 0 and shutter, that happens a few times then it will stall. I have not had it stall that much but it does happen. It also shutters when I start the car and then put it in D or R . I am guessing that this is my throttle acuator because it seems like the symptoms that others get.
My wireing harness is fine so I dont think it is that.

Problems 1 and 3 concern me the most, and suguestions would be welcome.

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