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well see... there is nothing wrong with small cars, actually, I can't stand the giant suvs dumb mothers drive around town... first off, they go way to fast for those things, I mean, around turns, you got mom and the kids swerving across two lanes cause she doesn't know how to drive a big truck, second, they can't see anything, so they just cut in left and right. Now, throw in the teenagers who drive their lifted tahoes, I mean, they wouldn't even notice if they ran over anybody... and plus, since nobody bothers to teach them how to drive (Remember, they have more accidents because they are 16, not because all they do in drivers ed is show you pictures of dead people) they swerve left and right to. These people never take them off road, they just want a big giant boat that can't turn. Now, what they drive is their business, but, at least the way people drive in Texas, it quickly becomes your business as they smash right into your little smart car, or rear endit, or whats more probable, just run over the little thing. I really like these cars, but you have to ask yourself, in a country like America, where they keyword is urban sprawl, do you really even want a tiny car? You can't carry much... they don't come with a lot of amenities, and unless you live in New York, parking is hardly a problem in this land of I will build massive shopping malls every 2 miles for your shopping conveniece...
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