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I think you can get the work done at an independent for significantly less than at a dealer.

Take it to MB Motors in Tarzana. Driving an extra 20 minutes or so can probably save you hundreds of dollars in the end.

The throttle upshift valve must be different than the transmission upshift delay valve. I've never heard of this part on this forum, before.

Wonder what it is...

Further, you can buy the actuator from me for less than what the dealer will charge you, or buy it from Fastlane for $960, and should take about an hour to install. You can install it w/o removing the intake manifold.

I can't believe they are charging you that much to clean out the egr pipe. Figure maybe an hour or so labor. Should be no more than $60 - $100 at an independent. You could do it yourself. Just attach some kind of cable (like a speedometer cable), attach it to a drill motor, and reem it out.
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