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98 ML 320 Dies Again Despite Repairs - Help!

Last week she backfired and then stalled at a light. Dealer replaced Air Flow Meter. Two days later vehicle died again at a light. It made a funny noise both times but did not restart. Made a rumbling type noise. 5-10 minutes later the car started perfectly. The dealer said the original fuel pump ,filter, and lines needed replacement. Steve Brotherton concurred this was probably the problem. Guess what? 2 days later we go to get gas and shut car off. Upon restarting, made the same brrrrrrr noise. 5 minutes later started fine and I drove home. One time when this noise occurred the key seemed to be stuck in the on position and I had to pull all the way back. Any ideas?? Dealer admits they never had the problem happen to them. What to check next? Thanks for quick response Danny
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