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Something is wrong. There must be more than one part called upshift delay valve, or they are replacing many other parts along with the upshift delay valve.

The part that I replaced that Arthur helped me out with is called the upshift delay valve, and it's a $32 part. I threw the damn receipt away, so I don't have the part # handy, but it's the one that mounts behind the master cylinder. It's easy to identify. It has a green line and black line going to it. I guess it looks more like a relay than a valve.

I checked an old receipt I have that dealt with this issue at the same dealer. It's a coincidence, but my car was sold new at Mercedes Benz of Long Beach, traded-in and Starmarked there, and every service up to and including the 127,500 service was performed there.

At 127,655 miles the c/e light came on and the receipt lists the following:

15006 Replace bowden cable and upshift delay valve:

Labor - $297.50

000-987-11-45 EXPANSION PL - $1.36
124-270-16-73 TRANS CABLE - $147
016-997-04-48 SEAL RING TR - $0.88

Total parts and labor - $446.74

The strange thing is, even thought the receipt says replace bowden cable and upshift delay valve, I don't see the upshift delay valve part listed on the receipt.

Did they give you a list of parts for the upshift delay valve? Maybe it's the $32 part that I replaced, plus the bowden cable and other things that were replaced on my car.

Which service advisor did you deal with over there? I used Benjamin Soster.

Fwiw, they also replaced my fuel pressure regulator. I guess old habits die hard.
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