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Flexx Boot Axle Repair Using Cone

Ok here it is. It was not as difficult as I imagined. As mentioned in a previous thread, the GSP axles I just put in were not any good and am not about to experiment and replace them with replacement GSPs since the job is not exactly a snap to do.

So here's how I did the flex boot work.

First I unfastened the oe straps off the boots. Then I slid out the old boots from the can and poured the gear oil out of it (have a container handy for the used oil). Each axle end took about 1/2 pint since both axle assemblies took a total of 1 qt.

Then I sprayed the inside of each axle with brake cleaner. Afterwhich, I cleaned it off with compressed air and poured a few drops of oil back in to it just to keep it lubricated.

I did not cut out the old boots yet. I kept them in the shaft since I was not sure how well the manual flexx boot installation would go.

Next, the Flexx boot installation process.

Soaked flexx boot and cone in hot tap water for about 3 minutes

Used Pledge to spray cone and boots to ease sliding. I inverted the boot inside out.

Could not take pic of boot on cone since I was by myself but heres the boot already on the axle. I had the axle resting on the table on a vertical position. It took some effort but but not too bad. Used paper towel and rag to hold and pull boot down. As a precaution, note that I did not cut out the old boots until I was sure I could put in the new boots.

I had to try it 2X for each boot to slip thru. It pretty much pops right thru.

Another view

I inverted the boot right side out and cut the excess piece.

After removing the old boots, draining the old oil out, shoving in the new boots and correctly fitting the new boots (trimming unneeded rubber) on the axle, position the axle so it is standing standing upright on a work surface. Do not clamp the new boots yet. Push it out of the way. Get the large and small clamps ready.

With the axle upright, fill the lower axle with new oil. IIRC, it took 1/2 pint or up to about half an inch filled over the gear. Once filled, reposition the boots on the axle.

Install the large clamp and the small clamp. Do not overtighten so you won't tear the boot. This completes one end.

Repeat the procedure to do the other end. I recall that all 4 axle ends took a total of 1 qt.

Heres the boot installed, the old boot and the strap fastening tool. The rings around the shaft are part of the old boots. Each boot had a ring inside which kept the rubber boot round. I made sure that I fastened all the new straps to the new boots before cutting out the old boots.

Final product and the stuff I used.

All in all, it probably took me about an hour to do both axles. And thats taking my time doing it.

Yes, Henrietta, there is gear oil inside those cans. Now lets see how long they stay there.
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