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93 500SEL Electrical Gremlins?

We just bought a 93 500SEL over the internet from a dealer which seemed to be in great shape. Physically it is. When the car arrived (shipped from Miami, FL to Seattle, WA) the speedometer wasn't working. No biggie, took it to a shop and had it diagnosed and the tranny pickup/sending unit was working fine. Had to either be the wire then or the cluster itself. Took a quick guess and barrowed a cluster out of a friends 94 S420(same part # according to Mercedes) to see. On top of that, once we removed the original cluster the ASR and ABS idiot lights had been removed from the dash. When we put in the barrowed dash not only did the speedometer not work, but the ASR and ABS lights lit up like a christmas tree. So I'm wondering if they are all related. I guess it could be the wire from the speedo pick-up to the cluster is cut or shorting somewhere, but that just seems doubtful to me.

We have been in communications with the dealer and to no suprise they are not claiming much responsiblilty. We have been haggling over the speedo replacement for 2 weeks now and have only been able to get $300 agreement to cover the fix. Now as of tongiht, the reason for the ASR and ABS lights coming on need to be addressed too. But dealing with the dealer is a seperate issue.

Anybody have a good place to start so I can keep the diagnostics bill from the service dept as low as possible? Could these all be related? The only option I can think of is that a stereo was just installed a few months before the car was sold to us. Could some mis-wiring of that cause a problem?

Reading from a search on the forum, it appears that the ASR ABS lights might be coming on because of a faulty brake light switch. Dealer error codes need to be pulled it sounds like.

Other than that, we are very happy with the car. I certainly will appreciate any suggestions that you all can offer.


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