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Rear tires wearing out FAST! AAAAAAAAAH!

So my lovely new Dunlops are down to the wear bars after only 16,000 miles. The wear is nice and even across the width. I did a search and I guess I need a better alignment. The dealer did it the last time, though. Sheesh! Of course I will reason with them to buy me new tires but I can't expect much. At least they can't accuse me of doing burnouts since the traction control prevents it.

The fronts are wearing nice and even and are down to about 6/32". (new is 8/32").

I don't rotate tires, hold your flames - unless you are an automotive engineer I do not want to hear it. If I have a car that wears fronts rounder (the corners of the tires) then I rotate, but tires should wear evenly nowadays (unless your car has a really bad weight distribution or you are prone to spinning the rears), so there.

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