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D60A2 P225/50-16 $96 Each from NTB on a price match - Sears had them on sale. (Sears and NTB are business partners anyway but I prefer to take the car to NTB).

I have the same size SP 5000 Dunlops on my Passat and I like them better; I forgot how much they were. The SP 5000s suck in snow, though, that's why I tried the D60A2 they are touted as all season. Haven't tried them in snow yet, though. Wait, yes we did, but not enough to give an informed opinion. Not much use on ice, I can say that (I know I need SNOW tires for snow/ice).

Jsmith - I have at least 25,000 on my SP5000s and they have 5/32" all around (w/no rotation). I am RELIEVED after just measuring the tread that they will last about 25k more miles. And the Passat WILL spin the tires and "get second", too ( Got the 1.8 turbo with a chip .

Thanks Lou I will have them check it. Can I measure this accurately myself I wonder?

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