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W126 bumper painting

I have both bumper covers off my W126, and they are both chipped and/or scuffed in places. The front for obvious reasons (rocks and curbs) and the rear..because my mom didn't know how far to pull up in the garage... you think while they are off I should get them repainted? Can any bodyshop do this? Do they use a special paint or should anything special be done when repainting these?

A question to go along with that...the car was rearended a couple years ago (nothing but bumper paint damage) and when they body shop repainted it, they painted the entire bumper a flat or matte grey. The front bumper however, is flat or matte on the very top strip, but the rest of it is like a semi-gloss grey. Did the body shop mess up and the front and rear should be the same?
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