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Acquired lovely new car


I (my family) have just acquired a new MB - an '88 W124 with 213,000 miles.
It's a 300TE, and a 4matic surprisingly, which I don't believe has ever gone wrong.

What should I check on the car before it starts real use?
It's an M104 3.0 188bhp presumably (no catalyst) - and is giving out a little blue smoke and using a little oil, should I be worried, or just prepare for a valve stem/guide job?

Anything on the suspension / 4 matic to check?

It is blue (poss. metallic - don't remember),
Interior is in good condition, I believe leather (haven't seen the car for a few weeks), and it had an autobox recondition at around 180,000 mls.

Does anyone have a similar mileage W124 ?



P.S. On a more ridiculous note, what can I transplant to my W201 to improve it ? The engine maybe? - how hard is that :-)
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