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I have very little respect for these dinky little things. A fellow that I work with in Milan was serious about buying one. This was last October, I asked him what it would cost. It was before the Euro, so I don't remember how many lyre it was, but I do remember that it converted to about $18,000 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I think that is total obscenity. He ended up buying an SLK instead. The car WOULD be handy in Milan. It is so crowded in downtown Milan that you would not believe it. For that reason, most people ride a motor scooter instead of a car.

The other thing that has really gotten my attention about Milan is that you see VERY EXPENSIVE new cars kept in the street, parallel parked every night. Its nothing to see a brand new S or E Class, parallel parked in a tight parking spot. First of all, the way they drive there, I have no idea how you can handle such a big car, and second, it seems like the car would turn to crap being parked outside all the time.

I will be SHOCKED if the Smart is ever federalized.

My $0.02,
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